Why You Need a Motherhood Session

motherhood sessions at home

Have you thought about getting a Motherhood Session? You may have heard them called “Mommy and me” sessions, or “Motherhood” sessions and they are typically held just around the Mother’s Day timeframe. Being a mom is one of the most important jobs you will have. That’s why Motherhood Petite Sessions are an offering I always have available. And I’m going to tell you WHY you need a motherhood session this year.

mom kissing baby's feet

You are always the one taking the pictures

Go ahead – scroll through your phone and check out the pictures of your children. How many of those are you actually in? I’m going to guess the percentage is pretty small. This is your opportunity to be IN the photos with your children. And luckily, I will move the hair out of your face and tell you to lift your chin when your husband would just snap the photo and move on!

Allows you to be present with your children

As moms, we spend a lot of our days playing referee, cleaning up messes, changing diapers, and making endless snacks. A motherhood session will give you a chance to be truly present and enjoy your children – even if for a short amount of time. You get to play, snuggle, kiss, and breathe in those sweet little ones.

mommy and me mini session

Motherhood sessions are a gift for your children

Your children won’t remember the fancy new toys you bought them or the cool new shoes they had to have. Those will be long gone in the donation pile as they get older. The things they will keep and cherish as they grow into adults will be meaningful, such as pictures of them with you. The value of a photograph is immeasurable, and this will be something that can be passed through the generations.

mom cuddling with her son on an all white bed

Your children won’t be little forever

It probably goes without me saying that your children won’t stay babies forever. Motherhood sessions are an opportunity to capture those physical and emotional characteristics that you don’t want to forget. And the best part is that you get to be a part of it. I recommend that my clients schedule yearly motherhood sessions so that they don’t miss out on an opportunity to document this time with their littles.

motherhood session all white natural light studio

A motherhood session is for YOU

As mothers, it isn’t very often we get to do something for ourselves. It has probably been a while since you scheduled hair and makeup appointments. And I know you’ve been eyeing that beautiful dress but have though, “I don’t have anywhere to wear that.” If you don’t know what to wear, don’t worry, because I offer access to an online styling service for my Motherhood Sessions. Schedule the appointments and buy the dress because it is time you do something for YOU.

mommy and me photo session

This year I am offering Motherhood Petite Sessions both in the studio and at home, because I know there are so many memories that you make with your littles in the comfort of your own home. Do you want to learn more about my sessions? Reach out to me so we can set up some time to chat!

  1. Sarah Mae says:

    I couldn’t agree with your reasons MORE! There has never been a time I’ve regretted having a photoshoot with my little ones. So I whole heartedly agree with you! Book the Motherhood session! Be IN the picture!

    P.S. The way Nikki captures emotion and light in her photos is just beautiful! You won’t regret booking a session with her!

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