...and I'm here for the real, the messy, the beautiful.

And as a mom of 2, if I'm being honest, being a parent is real messy.

But my philosophy is that it is ALSO beautiful. That's why my clients hire me. They want to freeze this fleeting time, no matter how messy and hard, in a way that is light-filled, beautiful, and bottles up the feelings of this time so they can relive them again in 5, 10, 20 years from now. Feelings you don't get from stiff, posed, "smile at the camera" images.

My clients want more from their newborn and family photos - and I'm here for it.

i'm Nikki...

Hey friend!


You can find me touring various cities across the US, but Italy will always have my heart! (I'm 1/4 Italian!)



They're older now, but this is a core memory right here!

My babies


He's literally the best.
Best husband. Best dad. Best travel buddy. He's my favorite! :)



Give me all the swoon-worthy details! 

interior design


I'm always trying to eat the rainbow, exercise, manage my stress, and get enough sleep.



Our family loves a good beach trip, a day at the lake, or exploring a coastal town.

The water


You can usually find me on my Peloton in the mornings before I start working. Who's your favorite instructor? (I love Aly!)

My peloton


My favorite heirloom product is a photo album. My kids love looking through our family albums!



We got engaged in Charleston, and loved it so much we named our son after it! Such a special place!



Stella is an Australian Shepherd, and the first dog I've ever had! First and best!

our dog



things I'm crazy about

My Top Ten

So, THEY BOUGHT ME A camera to save me from myself.

Art. Paint. Crafts. Creating. Designing.

Those are the things I grew up doing. You would never find me in a home economics class. Instead, I was the student staying after school to create the perfect Impressionism piece of the Biltmore Estate with individual, tiny oil pastel dots (true story, my dad still has that piece framed in his home!)
The details always mattered. The end product was always worth the effort.

Now my creative passion lies with creating gorgeous images for you that will live long after these messy yet beautiful days are gone.

As a new college graduate, I had a serious problem - I was spending all of my very small salary to decorate (and redecorate) my apartment. My parents recognized my need for a creative outlet that my number-crunching advertising job didn't provide.


i was done. beated. passionless. it was time for a change.

Umami waistcoat truffaut, cold-pressed forage cliche succulents. Banh mi wayfarers tumeric celiac poke gluten-free ugh shoreditch XOXO heirloom readymade. Banjo copper mug . XOXO heirloom readymade. Banjo copper cold-pressed forage cliche succulents.mug . 

Umami waistcoat truffaut, cold-pressed forage cliche succulents. Banh mi wayfarers tumeric celiac poke gluten-free ugh shoreditch XOXO heirloom 

It all started...

Umami waistcoat truffaut, cold-pressed forage cliche succulents. Banh mi wayfarers tumeric celiac poke 

My Story

My Timeline

where I've been


I decided to jump all in to photography. The pandemic hit, and my business started with front porch photos.


My mom passed away and I had my daughter a week later. It was a pivotal year in my life.


We had our first child, a boy! We also made the decision I would quit my job and stay at home with the baby.


We got married in April!
The ceremony was at Highland Park Methodist and we honeymooned in St. Lucia.


I had my first (unpaid) photography gig photographing dogs at the animal shelter.


I took my first of several photography classes. I'd go straight from work to the community college.


My parents gifted me a camera and I cried when I opened it - little did I know where it would lead!


Met my now husband at a bar in Dallas. He called me the next day!