What to wear for your photo session: Things you might not consider but should

Mom wears a sequin dress for her family photos. Dad hugs her from behind near a window.

One of the most common questions clients wonder about is what to wear for your photo session. The most common trend in photography right now is that neutral prairie dresses are in. But, what if you want something different? What if that doesn’t FEEL like you? I have some other great options for you to consider when choosing what you should wear for your Fort Worth family photo session.

What to wear: A jumpsuit or romper

I always recommend that my clients choose clothing that they are comfortable in. I might have them down on the floor playing with their kids. Or a dress might not feel like something they would typically wear. A jumpsuit or a romper is a great alternative option that still looks put together and unique while still being comfortable.

Check out this one, and this one for fun options.

A jumpsuit is a fun alternative to wearing a dress for family photos.

What to wear: Color

Neutral is the default when it comes to choosing items to wear for your photo session. Neutrals are a great option and photograph well, but don’t be afraid of color! Some colors photograph better than others (I can help you with this!) or create color casts on skin, but it also creates interest in a photograph. Here are some colorful options to inspire you. This one. Or this one. Or this one.

Mom wears a burnt orange dress while embracing her newborn baby.

What to wear: A two piece set

I LOVE a good two piece set. I recommend instead of choosing jeans and a top (which is totally okay if you want a more casual look!), choosing a matching top and pant set or top and skirt set. These are on trend right now and elevate the look but are still comfortable options. One example. Another example.

Mother nurses her baby boy while wearing a two-piece shirt and pant set.

What to wear: Sequins

I know you’re saying, “Sequins?!” right now! But trust me on this. Sequins add texture and reflect light, and will create so much interest in your photos. Sure, there is a balance between tasteful sequins and Las Vegas bachelorette party sequins, but I’m always available to give my honest opinion. Just take a look at this jaw-dropping, beautiful dress this mama wore for her session below.

Mom wears a beautiful sequin dress while her daughter wears a tutu and sits in her lap.

What to wear: Your dream dress

You know that dress you bought because you couldn’t live without it, but have nowhere to wear it?? Pull it out and wear it for your photo session! I want my mamas to feel beautiful. If you have a dream dress hanging in your closet or that you’ve been eyeing for months because you love it so much, wear it! These are your photos and a perfect chance to wear your dream dress. Sneak a peek at one of my dream dresses here.

Mom wears a green chiffon gown for their holiday family photos at their home.

Would you consider wearing any of these options for your photo session? Tell me what you think in the comments below!

Want more styling tips and advice on what to wear for your photo session? Check out this blog post here that shares how to put entire family looks together!

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