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When I have an in-home lifestyle session, I’m never really sure what I’m going to walk into. And this newborn session didn’t start off quite as expected. Mom was struggling because she had put on her wedding bands which then got stuck on her fingers (she ended up having the fire department cut them off!) And then big sister was NOT happy that I was there. She wouldn’t turn around and look at me when I talked to her and all the treats in the world weren’t helping her. Sometimes sessions aren’t all rainbows and sunshine, but that’s okay!


Newborn Lifestyle Photographer |


Luckily, this was an in-home newborn session, so we weren’t rushed to get out of a studio by a certain time or nervous about the sun setting and running out of light. We took our time, let sister warm up, and we were able to create some magic!


Newborn Lifestyle Photographer |


This is just one of the reasons I love in-home sessions. Home is where you and your children are comfortable. Do you need to read a book to get big sister to focus for a few minutes? No problem! You’ve got a whole bookshelf full of them! What about that favorite lovey? Oh, its in her bedroom! Let’s go grab it! Ahhh, the comforts of home!


Do you want to hear more about an in-home newborn or family session? These are my favorite types of sessions to shoot, so send me a message and I can tell you ALLLL about it!

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