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And welcome to The Blog! This is where you'll find my photography musings, tips for sessions, client recaps, and more. Stay a while and take a look!



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What its like working with Nikki Caviness Photography – Lifestyle Photographer


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So you’re in need of a newborn or family photographer.

And you’ve decided that you love lifestyle photography instead of formal posed portraits.

You’ve found me and love my work, but what is it really like to work with me? When I ask my clients what its like working with me, they say “Easy.” And that’s my goal. I want the process to be easy peasy so you feel prepared and relaxed and end up with photos that you love. So this is how my process works.

Mom and child at home in window light embracing, hugging, love, emotive

We chat.

I know, in this day and age, we are all so used to just texting or emailing. But I’ve found it so much easier and efficient for us to just hop on the phone. You get me in real time so you can ask questions and get immediate answers. No waiting for me to email you back! I tell you from step 1 how my process works and what you can expect – no surprises from me!

After the phone call, I will send you everything we just discussed so you can have it all in writing, so you don’t have to take notes and you don’t have to remember all the things. We will talk about my available dates on the phone and I’ll email you a booking link to schedule your date and pay your session fee. Then you’ll receive your contract to sign and you’re all set!

in-home photos. Modern, clean, lifestyle

Once we’re official, I’ll send you my NCP Newborn and Family session prep guide that walks you through the before, during, and after your session. Its filled with tips on how to make your session the most successful it can be, including styling tips, how to prepare your home to be photographed, and how to prep your kiddos (and husband!)

You’ll also receive your login to my styling service, Style and Select. Don’t worry – I share a video with you that teaches you exactly how to use it so you can get started selecting your session looks!

beautiful mama with her brand new baby light and airy

Its almost session day – I’ll check in with you before to make sure you’re ready and to see if you have any questions! When I arrive at your home, I’ll take off my shoes and wash my hands, and have you take me on a tour to evaluate the light. Then we shoot!

My sessions are laid back and relaxed. I’ll gently direct you to make sure you are in the most flattering light and poses. Mom, I want you to look GORGEOUS so I will fix your hair if it is out of place, tell you to drop that shoulder, lift that chin, and all the other tips that I know to make you look like a goddess! If your newborn needs a feeding and changing break, no biggie! Take the time you need. I get to know your littles. It is much more fun for them if they feel like I’m a friend, so I may pull out a few silly games to make them feel comfortable. I will shoot until I feel like I have a solid gallery – usually between 1 hour and an hour and a half. We say our goodbyes, and then I’m off to start working on your gallery!

This is where you relax and I get started on the real work! I will go through all of your images and pick out only the very, very best. Those are the ones I will edit to reflect the style you’ve seen in my portfolio and the ones you’ll receive in your slideshow.

california chic in fort worth

Within 3-4 weeks, I’ll let you know that your slideshow is ready so you can tell me a time for me to send it to you. Your slideshow is all of the images from your gallery set to music – its perfect for putting on the biggest screen in your home and watching it together as a family! It is only open for 24 hours to watch as many times as you’d like, so I want to make sure you have time available to spend with it! From there, you will purchase the print and digital collection that best fits your needs, and then you get to pick your products! I have a variety of high-quality heirloom products including prints, gallery boards, and albums for my clients to choose from so that your pictures don’t live forever on your computer hard drive. Let’s bring those pictures to life!

finding the best family or newborn photographer

My goal is to make having your newborn and family photographed as easy and stress-free as possible. I only take a handful of clients each month to make sure I’m available when my clients need me – whether they want my opinion on clothing selections for their upcoming photo session or if they have questions about ordering from their print shop. I am here for you! Ready to learn more about working with me? You can reach out to me here to set up a call. I can’t wait to chat with you!

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And welcome to The Blog! This is where you'll find my photography musings, tips for sessions, client recaps, and more. Stay a while and take a look!