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When you find out you are pregnant, it is such an exciting time! But there are also so many things that are running through your mind.

What do you need to put on your registry?

How is the transition from one to two kids going to go?

Are you ready for sleepless nights again?

When are you supposed to book newborn photos?

How do you find a newborn photographer?

Gosh, the list is endless! I’m going to help make things a bit easier with a quick list of things you should consider when looking for a newborn photographer. I’ve shared this blog post before, but its been a while so now is the perfect time for an update.

natural light in-home newborn session mom with baby in all white room in a swaddle

Check out Social Media

Did you know that Instagram can easily be used as a visual search tool? Pro-tip – this is how I’ve found and hired photographers when we travel! Hashtags aren’t just meant to be punny phrases. They are meant to be used for categorizing and searching, and are especially helpful if you’re looking for something specific. A few hashtags to try when looking for a newborn photographer in Fort Worth, Aledo, DFW, etc.:







Do you see a trend? As a former marketing professional, I have a strong understanding of how Google works. Unfortunately, you may be missing out on some super talented photographers if Google is what you solely rely on. Photographers love Instagram! That’s where you will see their most recent work and get a good feel for their personality. Try the Instagram trick to find some hidden gems.

newborn photography photos at home with family

Check out their portfolio

Once you’ve created a list of professional newborn photographers that you’d like to consider, check out their portfolio of work. Questions to ask yourself:

Do you like their editing style? Editing style should be consistent across their portfolio. Is their style modern, or is it light and airy? Photographers don’t change their editing style from client to client, so what you see in their portfolio is what you should expect your final images to look like.

Do you like their session type? Do you want a posed newborn session or a lifestyle newborn session? The type of newborn photography that a photographer specializes in should be evident in their work and mentioned on their website.

How does their work make you feel? If the images in their portfolio evoke emotions, imagine how images of your OWN family would make you feel. If the portfolio shows work that includes closeness and affection and you are not comfortable being photographed in that way, the photographer might not be the right fit for you.

fort worth newborn lifestyle photography


While price should not be the deciding factor, it should be considered. You may be tempted to reach out to a bunch of newborn photographers in Fort Worth, and whoever is the cheapest, wins. But, bringing home your new baby isn’t one of those events that happens every day. Bringing home a new baby is a huge deal and for some, a once-in-a-lifetime event. Pricing typically reflects experience, quality, and level of service. Do you really want the cheapest out there to capture something as special as bringing home your new baby?

Consider HOW you will use your photos and if the photographer’s pricing structure is flexible to meet your needs. Do you just want a handful of pictures from your session and don’t have a need for a full gallery? Or would you prefer the entire gallery and the ability to make a beautiful heirloom album to remember these precious moments? Flexibility can be important so you aren’t paying up-front for a bunch of photos before you even see your gallery.

It is also important to know what is included in the fees. For my clients, my session fee includes the date reservation, all of my best tips and tricks for your session, access to an online styling service, and my time shooting and editing your session. Once the gallery is complete, I share it with them before they have to make any purchasing decisions. They only pay for the collection that best fits what they want and need.

At home newborn session modern photography mom with son holding baby

Choosing your newborn photographer is a big deal, so I hope these few tips help make the search a little easier. If you’d like to hear more about my newborn sessions, let’s set up some time to chat! I can’t wait to share my love of photographing newborn sessions with you!

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