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what to wear for your photos at home

I have shared a lot about what you should wear for your photo session, even what your newborn should wear, and how I make it SO easy for my clients to choose the right outfits.


But, let’s talk about what you should NOT wear.


what to wear for your photos at home


Neon colors

So color and light are interesting…I started taking art classes back when I was a child and took them all the way up through Honors Art 4 in high school, so I have a strong background in how light affects color. Did you know that white reflects light and black absorbs light? The angle at which light hits color and the temperature of the light will affect what the color looks like to your eye (you’ve experienced this if you’ve ever tried to pick a paint color!) And colors also reflect onto other things when light hits them…..and that neon pink shirt you were thinking of wearing for your session? Yeah, you will also have neon pink skin from the shirt casting color all over you. If you’d like to learn more about what colors I suggest for your session, you can download my free guide here to see my recommendations of color combos.


Ill-fitting clothes

If clothing fits too big or too small, it will show in your pictures. I recommend having all items of clothing in your home at least two weeks before your session. That way every family member can try them on and if alterations need to happen or if you need another outfit option, you have ample time to make adjustments.

Postpartum outfits for newborn photos

Something you’re not comfortable wearing

Speaking of ill-fitting clothes, if something is too tight or too big, you will not be physically comfortable. You’ll be messing with your outfit and unable to relax during your session. Even if something fits you perfectly but it doesn’t feel like YOU, you will also not be comfortable. My clothing recommendations are based on my photography style, my education as a former stylist on how fabrics move and fit, and my experience photographing multiple families. But ultimately, if it doesn’t feel something you’d ever wear, then choose something you love.

what to wear for your at home photo session neutrals mom and dad with baby


Matching outfits

Guys – you know what I’m talking about. Everyone wearing a blue shirt with denim jeans and smiling at the camera. Yes, you’re a family, but you’re also individuals. Let everyone stand out as their unique self and ditch the matching outfits.



So, I don’t know about you, but we don’t really wear shoes in our house. It seems so formal and unnecessary. And honestly, it looks a little funny for you to be wearing high heels in your nursery. So, relax, kick off those shoes (literally!), and I’m talking to you too, Dad!

What should your kids wear for photos


Your Apple Watch

You might be thinking, what? My watch? But, if there is anything that is going to date your images, its going to be a big black piece of technology on your wrist. And don’t forget, when you move your arm, it lights up, which can be out of place when you’re trying to create a really beautiful photo. Try to remember to remove it, because it isn’t something I will edit out.

Outfit selection for your motherhood photos


You can get my free guide on how to choose what to wear for your photo session here. It has all my best tips to make selecting your photo session outfits super easy. My clients also get access to an online styling service, making it even EASIER to make sure they look their best. Want to chat about getting a session done and taking advantage of these services I provide? Reach out to me here and let’s chat!




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