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must have newborn photos

When you book an in-home newborn session with Nikki Caviness Photography, you have an idea of what your final product will look like. You’ve looked at my portfolio and follow me on Instagram, so you know what my shooting and editing style is like. But did you know I have some “must have” newborn photos that I aim to get at every newborn session? I have a running list in my head that I attempt to capture every time. You can read what they are below.


A picture of baby feet is one of those must have newborn photos that I try to make sure to capture every time. That’s why I recommend to my clients to not dress their newborns in footie pajamas. Because I want to see those little toes!

Must Have Newborn Photos
baby feet
pictures of baby feet


I love to get photos of dad holding baby because it really showcases how tiny baby is. Dad holding a small newborn is just the sweetest thing, and I know every mama just melts at the sight of her husband cuddling their newborn baby.

dad with newborn baby
dad holding a baby
new father
daddy and baby picture


A photo of mom with her newborn is a given, and it will happen in every single newborn session. No explanation needed. It is a must have photo.

mom rocking newborn baby
new mom holding baby
must have baby pictures


My newborn sessions are just as much about your other children becoming older siblings as it is about your newborn. Your children are taking on brand new, important roles, and its important to me that I capture that for you. And a photo of all of your children together is a must have. Many of my families typically will print this photo after their session to display in their home.

older siblings with baby
big sisters
baby brother
sibling pictures
must have newborn photos


Getting a photo in the nursery, specifically in baby’s crib, is a must have for me. You’ve spent hours painstakingly designing their nursery to be perfect, and I want to make sure I capture it. My number one priority during a session is to find the light, so the only time I won’t photograph in a nursery is when I KNOW I can’t capture quality images because of a low light situation.

baby in a crib
newborn nursery
nursery interior design
must have newborn baby picture


Another must have newborn photo for me is a shot of baby’s hair (or lack of hair!) Its crazy how much their hair changes from when they are a newborn, and this is one of those things that you may not remember as your child grows up.

newborn baby pictures
baby hair


For every session I photograph, I go in with a plan. But since every family is different, the way the plan presents itself visually is different too. My vision is that mom is multi-faceted, the center of the family. Dad loves her and knows how lucky he is to be married to her. Kids will be kids – innocent, curious, playful. And newborns don’t keep. To capture every facet of my family story in one image is something I strive for during every photography session.

family photo during an in-home newborn session
natural light
newborn photo must haves

What other must have newborn photos do you hope to see in your gallery? Tell me in the comments below!

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