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Where do your professional photographs live? I would say that, most likely, your family photographs are either living on your phone or your computer. Am I right? I’m going to share why you need to print your photos and how I help all of my clients get that done.

You’ve made the investment. Show it off.

Professional photographs are an investment. You invest your money and your time into getting photos taken, but do you have anything to show for it? Printed products such as prints, framed art, or albums are great options to show off those beautiful photos of your family. Don’t let your investment go to die on your computer’s hard drive. Instead, print your photos so you can share them!

Albums are a great heirloom product to print your photos

Printed photos in your home are good for mental health.

Studies have shown that displaying family photos in your home is linked to creating a solid foundation for confidence and self-esteem in children. It promotes feelings of self-worth and shows your children that they are important members of your family. Go ahead – print your photos and decorate those walls with images of your beautiful children!

decorate your walls with photos your print of your children. Studies show it improves self esteem and self worth.

Technology will fail. Print your photos.

Its not a secret that, although we live in a digital world, technology fails. Computers die. Hard drives crash. Files get erased. But when you print your photos, those are tangible items that can be passed through generations. I have printed photos from my mom’s childhood that I will pass down to my children, and nothing can replace those photographs. And that brings me to my last point…

There’s nothing like tangible photographs.

One of my kids’ favorite things to do is flip through our wedding album. They love to look at the photos of mom and dad on their wedding day and comment on how young we were and how pretty my dress was. They get to see pictures of the grandparents and my mom, who passed away before my daughter was born. Flipping through the photos in an album makes so much more impactful on them than scrolling through some photos on my phone. We also have displayed baby pictures of my two children around our home. They often comment on, “Look how small I was, Mommy!” or “Look at brother holding me like a baby! Oh wait, I was a baby!” There is no replacement for tangible photos, even in our digital world.

Printing family photos is easy with the print credit I include in all collections

How I help you print your photos

I know you’re a busy mom and printing photos is one more thing to add to your to-do list. Luckily for you, I make it really easy. I include a generous print credit in all my collections for my newborn and full family sessions. This works as a gift card in your gallery store, so as you admire your images, you can just add them to your cart to print. I partner with professional printers to provide you with high quality print, albums, and other items that will last you a lifetime.

I’d love to know – what way would you like to display your professional family photos?

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