Why is professional photography expensive?

blog post why is professional photography expensive

Professional photography is expensive. It is an investment. Some may even consider it a luxury. But when you break it down, what are you REALLY paying for when you hire a photographer? I’m going to share what you’re getting when you invest in professional family or newborn photography.

Why is photography expensive? front porch photo during an at home newborn session


Your photographer should regularly be investing into education. Whether it is a mentorship, conference, retreats, or online courses, there’s always something to learn when you own a photography business. When your photographer invests in education, they are taking steps to create better work and a better client experience for you. At Nikki Caviness Photography, I invest in at least two or three education opportunities each year. I focus on only learning from the very best photographers in our industry, so I can provide the very best to my clients.


Your photographer should carry business insurance. Not only does it protect them and their business, it is also put in place to protect their clients. While I take every precaution to ensure my clients’ safety, you never know what could happen! I carry insurance to, not only cover myself and my equipment, but to also cover my clients in the extremely rare case that someone may get injured during a session.

baby details during a studio milestone photo session

Customer Service

Not all client experiences are created equal! Do you want someone who is just going to show up and take some pictures? Or do you want to feel prepared for your session? Do you want to feel comfortable enough to ask questions? Excited because you know your photographer will guide you through every step of your family photography experience? Confident that you will receive beautiful frame-worthy images because your photographer has made sure you know exactly what to expect? The type of experience you will receive will be reflected in the overall investment.

Investments into their business and business expenses

Running a business is not cheap, especially a photography business. Sure, technically anyone with a camera (or an iPhone nowadays!) can call themselves a photographer. But those that invest into their business sets themselves apart. High quality equipment such as a computer, cameras and lenses, memory cards, (all of that alone can costs tens of thousands of dollars!), software that ensures seamless client experiences, marketing tools to speak directly with their clients, insurance – the list is endless – are not cheap. But those things (along with talent and business acumen!) ensure a high quality product and experience. And don’t forget, photographers who run legitimate businesses also pay 30% of their income to the government, just like you! These expenses are part of why professional photography is expensive.

Mom and dad in the kitchen with baby during a family photo session

Talent and Experience

Anyone can call themselves a photographer. But just like paintings in an art gallery, photography is an art form and there are different levels of talent. Talent usually comes with practice and experience, and investment levels reflect that. Nikki Caviness Photography has been recognized by the National Association of Professional Child Photographers, a group of leading photographers from across the country, as a Master Photographer. This recognition is given to photographers that meet the high standards set by the NAPCP. It is reflective a strong understanding of composition and light, consistency in their work, and technical skill.

Mom and baby sitting on a white bed in the bedroom with lots of natural light

Did you know these reasons why professional photography is expensive? Was there anything you didn’t know? Was there something that surprised you? I’d love to hear what you think. Let me know below in the comments!

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