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And welcome to The Blog! This is where you'll find my photography musings, tips for sessions, client recaps, and more. Stay a while and take a look!



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FAQs About Your Photography Session

Photography Education

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In this post, I’ve compiled a list of FAQs about your photography session that you may find helpful. For every client, I set up a phone call to go through my process and pricing. I find that this helps answer any questions my clients have upfront without having to go back and forth over email. And it gives us a chance to get to know each other! This is a compilation of questions I’ve received from clients over the years!

FAQs: Booking Questions

Where will my photo session take place?

I specialize in in-home newborn and family photography, so your session will be at your house! I come to you! I also offer First 48 sessions which happen at the hospital you deliver your newborn at as well as Milestone and Motherhood sessions in an all-white natural light studio.

What areas do you serve?

I am based in Aledo, Texas and serve clients in Aledo, Fort Worth, Weatherford, and a 25 mile radius from my home. If you are outside of a 25 mile radius from Aledo, a travel fee will incur.

What days do you schedule sessions?

I photograph sessions during the week, typically on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10am. I reserve the weekends to spend with my family.

Do you offer payment plans?

The way I structure my business, my clients don’t have to pay the full amount upfront. The first payment is a session fee to reserve the session date. Clients don’t pay anything else until after they’ve seen their images. Most clients pay for the collection they choose in full, but I am willing to discuss payment plans if needed!

Can we do a session with grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins?

I do not currently offer extended family sessions. I have photographer friends that do though and am happy to refer you to them!

My kids won’t last for a long photo session. Can we just do a mini session instead?

I know every parent doesn’t think their child can last that long. But, let me ask you this…..is it more stressful to try and calm down an upset toddler when we have a set 20 minutes to fit in pictures? Or if you have more time to let them naturally calm down and for you to console them? I’m pretty sure I’d much rather have more time to get my kiddos to calm down. Also, we are in your home and that is your child’s safe space! Their toys, lovies, and favorite books are all within reach. The more time I am able to spend with them, the more comfortable they become with me. This allows me to gain their trust, become their friend, and capture their true personality – more so than in any mini session I’ve photographed. If you want authentic photos of your children, choose the full session.

dad tickling son who is laughing and having fun

FAQs: Session Questions

How long does the session last?

Sessions usually last about an hour and a half. I suggest that Dad plans to take the morning off of work and go in after lunch.

What do I wear?

I offer my full session clients access to an online styling service to make choosing their outfits easy. I always recommend something you feel comfortable but beautiful in. And I’m always available to give you my opinion on outfits!

I am super awkward in front of the camera…can you help me??

Yes, girl! I’ve learned from some of the best photographers in the business and know all the tricks to make you feel relaxed and your best. I’ve got you!

I’m not sure my house has enough natural light. Is that okay?

Typically if you have windows and its not too overcast or raining outside, we’re okay! If you’re worried about the natural light in your home, we can set up a Zoom or Facetime so you can give me a virtual tour of your home. Then we can make a plan on where the best locations to photograph will be.

My house isn’t Pinterest-worthy and I’m hesitant about doing photos at home.

The photo session isn’t about your home – its about your family! You are most comfortable at home and that’s where you are most relaxed in front of the camera. If you look through my portfolio, you will see a common theme – a focus on the connection between family members. I’m not focused on photographing your decor. Sure, if you’ve spent a lot of time decorating and the light conditions are right, I’ll capture it. But its not what I’m in your home to do!

mom holding newborn baby with a pacifier next to a window with sunlight streaming in. The baby is facing the camera. This post answers FAQs about your photography session.

FAQs: Product Questions

What is a print credit and how does it work?

After my clients have seen their full gallery of images through a slideshow set to music, they then choose a collection to purchase. Each collection includes a generous print credit which acts as a gift card to their gallery store. The store includes professional quality printed items (that you can only access through a professional photographer) including prints, gallery boards, and albums. The print credit goes toward the purchase of these products.

How big is the album you offer?

I have two album sizes available for purchase in the gallery store including an 6×6 and 8×8. Albums are fabric covered in your choice of color and include 10 spreads and 40 images. Clients have the option to upgrade to additional spreads to include more images.

Can I print my own photos?

Absolutely! In addition to the print credit, all clients receive a print release which allows printing of their digital images whenever, wherever, and as many times as they’d like. Not all printers are created equal though. If you want to print images on your own after you’ve used your print credit, you can either order directly through me or print through the recommended consumer-facing printer, Mpix.com.

Can I just get the digitals?

Clients are certainly welcome to purchase all the digital files from their gallery, but each collection still comes with a print credit (my gift to you!) You can choose to not use the print credit, but I’d hate to see it go to waste! I do not offer a la carte pricing – I include a print credit so you can get exactly the printed products that you want. I want you to have professional quality products that will last for years to come!

Mom gives newborn baby a sink bath. She is washing his hair and he is looking directly at the camera.

Interested in your own family or newborn photography session? Reach out and let’s start the conversation. If you have any other questions not listed here, drop them in the comments and I’ll get them answered for you!

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And welcome to The Blog! This is where you'll find my photography musings, tips for sessions, client recaps, and more. Stay a while and take a look!