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Once our newborn turns into an infant, they start hitting countless milestones. Rolling over, laughing and smiling, sitting up, and crawling are just a few of the ones we look for. What better way to remember these milestones than with a milestone photography session. I’m going to share with you what Milestone Photography is and some of the best times to book a milestone session.

photos to celebrate a baby girl's first birthday

What is Milestone Photography?

Each milestone that your child hits is a significant event that deserves to be cherished and celebrated. These sessions focus on just that – celebrating and documenting the life stage that your child is in. As a Fort Worth Milestone photographer, I offer these sessions for children age 3 months to 3 years old in a natural light studio. I focus on not only photographing your child as a whole but also photographing the details – pudgy legs, baby curls, finger grasps – the things you’ll miss as they get older.

6 month old photos for a baby and her mom.

Reasons to book a Milestone Photography Session

Your child has reached a developmental milestone

There are so many milestones that your child reaches during their first year. They begin to sit up (my favorite milestone!) and crawl. They can pull up on furniture and walk along it, getting SO close to walking. And then there are those early walking days where they toddle around trying to keep their balance. Any of these developmental times is a great time to get your child in the studio for pictures.

Your child has reached an age milestone

When your child turns 6 months, 9 months, 1 year, and 18 months are some of my favorite times to capture milestone pictures. Developmental milestones tend to align with these ages, and having this time photographed is the perfect way to commemorate your child reaching these ages.

birthday boy photos

Your child is at an age that you love and don’t want to forget

There were many times that I’d tell my husband, “This is my favorite age!” about my own children. For me, that age was around 8 months old. They were almost or already crawling, so they were gaining their independence but weren’t TOO independent. They had squishy little thigh rolls and belly laughs for days. Before I knew it, they were already changing, and that time to photograph them passed by in a flash.

To document your child’s journey through their early years

Multiple milestone sessions over a period time is an incredible way to document your child’s early years. You could have multiple sessions within their first year (which is when you see the biggest growth!) or to celebrate their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd birthdays. Using the photos from those sessions to create an album would be an heirloom your child would cherish forever and pass down through the generations.

milestone session photographed at the lumen room in fort worth

Ready to book a Milestone Photography session for your little one? Contact me here schedule your’s.

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