Fort Worth Fall Mini Sessions – Which one is for you?

fort worth fall mini sessions at home

Fall mini sessions – we are getting to that time of year where that’s all photographers are talking about. This year, I am offering up a few different types….but how will you choose? I’m helping you decide which mini session is right for you!

You might want a studio mini session if….

You’re so busy with your kiddos and family commitments and extracurriculars that you can’t risk a weather reschedule.

Your children have a tendency to RUN and they need to be confined.

The idea of air conditioning in Texas sounds like Heaven.

You like the simplicity of an all-white studio and the focus on your family.

all white studio in fort worth the lumen room for fall mini sessions

You might want a sunrise fall mini session if….

The thought of messing with your kids’ bedtime makes you want to cry.

Your kids are up at 6am anyways.

Getting your session done and having the rest of the day to yourself sounds appealing.

You want outdoors but you also want a lot of variety in your gallery (my sunrise sessions are on the beautiful grounds of The Kimbell Art Museum.)

fall mini sessions at the kimbell art museum

You might want an outdoor mini session if….

You’ve had an in-home session with me before and want to try something a little different.

You aren’t afraid of a few mosquitos.

Rescheduling isn’t a big deal in case of inclement weather.

The “fields of grain” look is what you’d love to have for your fall mini session.

aledo fall mini sessions outdoor

You might want an in-home fall mini session if…

You’ve always wanted an in-home session with me but weren’t ready for one reason or another.

Your home has at least one room with good natural light.

You love the comfort of home and you don’t want to take your kids anywhere for photos.

in-home sessions

Is a mini session right for you? Or do you need more?

If 20 minute fall mini sessions feel rushed – I’m not going to lie – its because they are! Mini sessions are a great way to get a handful of updated professional photos for the year and that holiday card photo. But if what you really want is an authentic gallery full of images you want to pass down for generations and display in your home, it might not be the right fit.

You might want a full in-home family session if…

You want to full NCP experience – this is not something you get with a mini session.

Photo sessions feel stressful to you and you need everything laid out and EASY for you. I prep all of my full session clients with a 3 step prep process.

You value printed pieces to display in your home and to pass down through generations. All of my full session collections include a generous print credit to make printing your photos a breeze.

You’ve thought that your child won’t last longer than 20 minutes and that’s why you need a mini session….the BIGGEST myth. Your child needs at least 10 minutes to get the wiggles, nerves, and meltdowns out. A full session allows your child to warm up to me and trust me, allowing me to capture authenticity and details that you love.

best fort worth in-home family photographer at home indoors

If you want to learn more about my signature in-home sessions, reach out to me here so we can chat! Its the only way to get the full NCP experience!

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