Where I Find Inspiration for Photos

Being a newborn and family photographer in Fort Worth comes with having the confidence to try new things – new poses, new lighting, new ideas. But sometimes those ideas don’t just come to you. I am sharing some places where I find inspiration for photos, and some of them may surprise you!

Inspiration in Editorial Magazines

I am typically drawn to an editorial style of photography, which may come across in the photos you see in my portfolio. Skimming the pages of high-end, editorial magazines like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle, just to name a few, always spark some ideas of new poses, feelings, or emotions I’d like to try.

Inspiration from vogue image from a newborn session in fort worth

Inspiration in Nature

Since I only work with natural light, I’m always influenced on how the sun reflects on objects in nature. The way direct light makes colors of flowers super vibrant is different than how they look with cloud cover.

Have you ever realized how intentional nature is? Think about the perfect hexagonal shape of a honeycomb. Have you noticed that the shape of a leaf is perfectly shaped to drain water off of it? There are so many naturally occurring, perfect and imperfect shapes that have a purpose, but also create beauty and interest. I look to nature for inspiration in my posing and angles in my photography.

inspiration from how sun creates shadows, sunlight streams through a window onto a mother and baby girl

Inspiration in My Own Life

I often think about the way I interact with my children and my husband, and how they interact with me. Little touches from little hands, getting on the same level as my kids when they’re sharing something important to them, and how my husband prefers our fingers interlocked when we hold hands. These are little details that are meaningful in my life. And I look for those in my clients’ lives as well. Those are the types of interactions I want to capture.

new mom cuddles with her husband on their bed with their newborn baby

Inspiration from Personal Projects

Working on personal projects is a way for me to experiment, try new things, and push my creativity. During Covid, I pushed myself to take at least one photo every day. During that time, I learned so much about light, capturing images of (fast!) children, composition, and looking for small details. All the pictures are of my own children, so there was no pressure to create for clients. I was creating for myself.

Two small children try to escape from their crib in this black and white image from a personal project.

I also did a personal project influenced by my own experience becoming a new mom and by so many of my newborn clients. The first 3 months of your new baby’s life can be hard, and often, mom gets overlooked. My project focused on the time after those first 3 months and was called The 5th Trimester. The premise was that there is a light at the end of the “newborn fog” tunnel, and you will get through it. This project set the tone for all of my work, and is still some of my favorite work I’ve ever created.

new mom kisses her baby's tiny toes

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