Is Pelvic Floor Therapy the Key to Amazing Family Photos? 3 Reasons Why We Think So!


SMALL BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT: Pelvic floor therapy is the key to amazing family photos…..I know what you’re thinking….WHAT?! But I’m super excited to share with you my next Small Business Spotlight and friend Dr. Nikki Berner, owner of The Fem Method. She’s going to tell you WHY pelvic floor therapy can help improve your family photos!

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Dr. Nikki Berner is a board certified, licensed, practicing physical therapist that specializes in pelvic floor rehabilitation and treating symptoms that arise from pelvic floor dysfunction like leaking, painful intercourse, constipation, and more.  Dr. Nikki specializes in finding the “why” behind these problems and treating them in a wholistic and functional way to ensure women feel their best through all phases of life. She treats these sensitive subjects with great care, but also humor and fun! If you don’t follow her on Instagram, give her a follow here. She’s hilarious and her posts are bound to give you a chuckle!

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Is Pelvic Floor Therapy the Key to Amazing Family Photos? 3 Reasons Why We Think So!

Pelvic floor therapy and family photos? I’m sure you are wondering how in the world those two things can tie together. It may seem like a stretch, but I am here to tell you that there is more of a common thread than you may think!

As a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist and the owner of The Fem Method Pelvic Health, it is my joy and honor to get to work with women through all of the seasons of motherhood – from pregnancy to baby #1, #2, #3, and beyond. The pregnancy and postpartum period for each mom can vary. Some feel amazing, some are glowing, some are wondering “where is that liquid coming from?”, and some are not sure who this new person in this new body is—and that can feel lonely and overwhelming. This is all also happening during a time where there are baby showers, maternity photos, newborn photos, sip & see’s, family photos, and more!

One out of four American women suffer silently from one or more pelvic floor disorders, and this is likely an underestimation! The vast majority of these issues start during pregnancy or after childbirth. Moms need professionals on their side who understand the transition, can support them, and help them navigate this new season. Two of those professionals should be a trusted pelvic floor therapist and trusted photographer. Here are the ways that pelvic floor therapy can elevate your photos through all seasons of life.

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How Pelvic Floor Therapy can Improve your Photos!

Addressing Pain

For the mamas who are on the side of the spectrum where things aren’t all rainbows and butterflies and are experiencing pain and discomfort, pelvic floor therapy can help. Pain and discomfort during pregnancy and post partum has a sneaky way of showing up in photos. Tailbone pain when trying to sit, hip pain when trying to move, back pain when trying to hold your kiddos- it all can impact our body’s ability to relax. When our bodies are guarding against pain, it creates tension in our shoulders, neck, and jaw and hides the glowing mother goddess that we are. Being able to be mobile and pain free will allow for more relaxed posture and genuine emotions during your photos.

Confidence Boost

When working with moms in pelvic floor therapy, we focus on building up their inner physical strength which inevitably overflows to the rest of their body. It changes the way they see and love themselves and their body. The shift in confidence and posture makes my patients glow (and it’s not sweat), and I can see the change to a new season begin to unfold before my eyes. It’s a thing of beauty to see a woman bloom from barely making it to being her best self.

Improve Intimacy

Some post partum and pregnant mothers experience a change in their perception of themselves and feelings of self-consciousness can creep in. This isn’t just a personal problem! Research has shown that self-confidence and relationship satisfaction are correlated. Self- confidence lends to better communication and improved intimacy. Intimacy is one of the biggest challenges in the post partum period that often gets pushed to the wayside. This is especially true if we are feeling self-conscious, touched out, and in pain. Pelvic floor therapy can help address any pain that you may be experiencing during or outside of those intimate moments to allow you to focus on that connection with your partner. We have all seen those photos of couples where you think “wow, they are so in love!”. That is the magic of the photographer and the intimate connection.

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Just how your pelvic floor therapist moves with you through your seasons of life, so can photographs. The bittersweet truth is that nothing lasts forever. Capturing memories with photographs that freeze time (even if that time may have been filled with chaos, tears, laughs, and stained clothes) can help honor those seasons you’ve made it through.

Moms are the masters behind the scenes in the day to day. They’re planning the adventures, snapping the smiles, and documenting the memories. It is due time that moms get to shine with their family and capture family portraits that highlight a healthy, cared-for mother.

Ladies, you work so hard in every aspect of your life. We see you and feel you. That is something to be respected and remembered. When you complete pelvic floor therapy, you will be feeling so good that your smile will shine brightly. That’s something that needs to be photographed. 

Contact Nikki C so she can document your season of strength, pride, and your pain-free, leak-free glow. Contact Nikki B to get you there.

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