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Newborn Lifestyle Photographer | www.nikkicavinessphotography.com

Welcome! After years of friends and family telling me, “You should be a photographer!”,  I took the steps to make it official. Nikki Caviness Photography is up and running! I am so excited to be working with local Fort Worth and Aledo families to capture all those sweet moments of their newborn babies, toddlers and families.

Newborn Lifestyle Photographer | www.nikkicavinessphotography.com

I received my first DSLR as a gift in 2009 and took all the photography classes I could find – a jam-packed weekend course at a local photography studio in the Design District of Dallas. An 8 week-long continuing education class at the local community college. All the YouTube videos titled “How to Work Your DSLR”.

But those classes didn’t teach me how to be a photographer. They just taught me how to use this ridiculously complicated machine called a camera. My whole life I’ve loved art and design and fashion. My mom used to let me dress myself because I had such strong opinions and the resulting looks were ridiculous and “unique”. But I loved creating the perfect look for me. I never took a home economics class. I only took art classes my whole grade school career. I attended art camps. I loved crafts. I was always creating. THAT’s how I learned about composition and colors and highlights and shadows and how light works and all the other things that go into being a photographer!

Newborn Lifestyle Photographer | www.nikkicavinessphotography.com

If you perused my website, you probably can see that I’m not a super formal posed type of photographer. I practice lifestyle photography. What is lifestyle photography, you ask? Something between a posed portrait session and documentary photography. The pictures capture emotion and interactions, but I won’t tell you to “Look at the camera and smile”. I’ll put you in places that have the best light and give you a little direction, but I won’t be a complete fly on the wall. I want to capture things that would actually happen in real life – I’m just there to give you a little push!

This blog section of my website is where I’ll share sessions I shoot, tips I have for my clients, educational photography information, things about myself, and more! If there is something you would like to see a blog post about, shoot me an email or leave a comment below! I’d love to hear from you!



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