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Preparing Your Home for Family Photos – Fort Worth Photographer


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There are so many reasons why family photos at home are the best…..I could go on and on about how photos are magically more relaxed in the comfort of your own home, and how you have easy access to anything your kids might need, and how you don’t have to pack up your kids and go anywhere, and how there is AIR CONDITIONING (and I actually do go on and on about all of that here…) But I know you may feel nervous about having your home photographed. You may not think it is Pinterest-worthy, or decorated the way you want it to be….but those are not things you have to worry about. I have ALL the tips for preparing your home for family photos. Let’s jump in!

Tips For Preparing Your Home for Your Family Photo Session

Your Home Doesn’t Have to be Perfect for Family Photos

First, let’s start with a common misconception. You think your home has to look like something out of a magazine to have your family session at home. The truth is that preparing your home for family photos isn’t hard. At Nikki Caviness Photography, the focus is on your family – not your home decor. Your home will be the background to capturing your family in a comfortable and relaxed setting. The next few tips are easy things you can do to create the perfect background for these photos that will last a lifetime.

preparing your home for photos

Tidy Up Your Home

I know, I know. You have a house full of kids and you’re busy. However, you’re investing in photo heirlooms that will be passed down for generations, so I promise a little clean up will be worth your time! Here are some of my quick tips to get your house photo-ready!

1. Take a laundry basket and walk around your house. Fill it with random clutter items like mail, toys, or things that are out of place. Do this a few times if needed!

2. Clear countertops and tabletops. All you have to do is take the clutter and shove it into a drawer or cabinet.

3. Put all dirty dishes in the dishwasher and remove things like soap bottles and paper towels rolls from your countertops.

4. Have big, unsightly toys or baby items that you don’t want in your photos? Shove them in dark rooms such as closets, hall baths, and rooms with little to no light. Run out of hiding spots? Put them in your garage or outside! It’ll only be for a short period of time, and then you can bring them back inside.

5. Remove seasonal decor, or wait until after your session to put it up. This allows your photos to be evergreen so they can be displayed all year round.

6. Expect that I will want to photograph in any room that has windows! NO ROOM IS OFF LIMITS – including bathrooms and kitchens!

I would say this is THE MOST IMPORTANT tip for getting your home ready for family photos.

natural light for a photo session at home

Open Your Window Shades

My style of in-home photography does not use any artificial light, which means that you will need to open any blinds or window shades in your home. You will also need to turn off overhead lights and any table lamps because they tend to cast an orange glow onto everything.

open up your blinds and add details like fresh flowers

Add Finishing Details to Your Home

Your home is the background to your photos, but a few details add an elevated touch. Fresh flowers can add an organic feel to your home – my personal favorites are hydrangeas and can always be found at Central Market or Trader Joe’s. Cozy, neutral blankets that have texture, such as a chunky knit, can be thrown on a couch and will add interest to your photos. On that same note, if you have a decor piece you’ve been hating, now is a great time to remove it so it doesn’t end up in your photos. Sometimes less is more!

Make Your Beds

Chances are, if the lighting is good, we will photograph your family in your bedrooms (I definitely want to see the kids’ rooms and nursery!) Clean up the toys and make the beds because you probably don’t want a mess in the background. One of my big tips is if you don’t have one currently, make sure you have a white duvet or sheet available. I use this as a backdrop to create timeless newborn portraits or cuddley family moments on the bed.

make your beds for your in-home family session

You are investing in beautiful family photographs, so time spent preparing your home for your session will be time well spent! I hope these tips have been helpful so you can feel well prepared for your in-home sessions. If you have any questions, drop them in the comments below!

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And welcome to The Blog! This is where you'll find my photography musings, tips for sessions, client recaps, and more. Stay a while and take a look!