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Book Family Photos – Your Hesitations Addressed


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You know you need to book family photos, but you hesitate. Why? Life gets busy with work, kids’ activities, family time, friend commitments, and you keep putting it off. You know that family photography is an investment. Why is family photography so expensive anyways? And you just know that between your kids and your husband, photos are bound to be stressful. An hour and a half session, you say? No way my kids can last that long.

As an in-home newborn and family photographer in Fort Worth, I’m here to tell you WHY you need to book family photos. I polled my Instagram followers recently, and these were the top hesitations to why they haven’t booked a session to get their family photographed. I am going to debunk these myths you keep telling yourself about family photography. Listen up!

I don’t have time

Photo sessions are a big time commitment. You think you have to figure out a location. Where do you even pick? The location will likely be remote, so then you have to drive to that location for your session (which will likely be witching hour or your kids’ bedtime. Lucky you.)

I have THE solution to cut down on your time commitment. Firstly, I want to get to know you ahead of time. I talk to ALL my newborn and family photo clients on the phone before we book. These calls are 20 minutes, tops. You ask all the questions and I tell you all the things. You get a feel for who I am and if you think we could have fun together. I am not a complete stranger when it is time for your family photos so we can get your session started straight away.

We photograph at your home. I come to you. No driving to a remote mountain top or beach or location you have no connection to for photos. My sessions are an hour and a half. Session time plus a 20 minute phone call is the only time it takes for you to commit. That’s less time than it takes to watch a Disney movie for the 4th time with your kids.

I’m anticipating the stress

Word on the street is that family photo sessions are stressful. Not in my book! It is my number one goal for my business to make sure my clients’ experience with me is stress-free, easy, and fun. Being an adult and parent can be stressful enough, so let’s not have your family photo session add to that.

Are you worried how your children will act? Please don’t! I am a mom! I EXPECT your children to get a little wild and unruly – you know why? Because they are children! The energy they create when they can truly be themselves is not something I can fake in my camera. I encourage play, cuddles, silliness, song-singing, fort building – all of the things that brings childhood to life. Afterall, isn’t that what you want to remember about your child?

You feel like there’s a lot to do to prepare. I totally understand that my clients are investing into photos and they want to be well-prepared. Luckily, between the time we first talk and the day of your session, I will be sending you bite size pieces of prep information that addresses so many of the questions you may have. My prep information includes detailed information on what to expect, what to wear, how to prepare your home and your children (and your husband!). I also share a checklist to make sure you don’t miss anything as well as my top secret tips for a successful session. To help with wardrobe selection, I also offer an online styling service that simplifies that dreaded “What should we wear?” question!

Family photography is expensive

You’re right. I’m not going to disagree you on that point. I share ALL the reasons family photography costs what it does in this blog post here (its not highway robbery, I promise you!) But there ARE ways to make the expense more manageable.

I break up the costs. Instead of paying the whole fee all up front BEFORE you even see your photos, you put down a Session Fee. This fee covers all of the prep information that I’ve spent time putting together for you. It also cover access to an online styling service that I provide for all of my newborn and family session clients. And it also covers my time to shoot your session, edit your images, and create the final gallery for your viewing. You don’t pay for any photos before you see them.

I offer collections. I do this for two reasons. The first is to provide my clients with flexibility to purchase their photos to best suit how they plan to use them. Secondly, my clients aren’t forced to buy anything they don’t want or need.

I can work with my clients on payment options. Many times, my clients can’t live without purchasing the largest collection. And some of those times, unanticipated things come up and the total cost is a bit much to carry all at once. I am always happy to work out payment plans or prepayment options so you can upgrade later. I want my clients to have the photos they dream of having and if the costs need to be spread out over a period of time, I can make that happen.

But it is STILL expensive!

Yes, booking family photos is an investment! But let me tell you a story…..

Your child is 2 years old. You are LOVING this age and you tell your spouse, “I think this is my favorite age! He is so fun and he’s still got his chunky little leg rolls and chubby cheeks – I could just eat him up!” You watch the way he explores and how he lights up when he discovers something new. He gets so excited that he takes his two little hands, squishes them to his cheeks, and yells “WOW!” in the cutest most adorable voice you’ve ever heard. You don’t ever want to forget it.

But then you blink….and you’re at his 8U coach pitch baseball game. He looks so tall and skinny standing at home base waiting to hit. And while you’re loving watching him run the bases and cheer on his teammates, you wonder, “How is my cute little expressive 2 year old now playing team sports like a pro?”

I’ll tell you how. Time is a thief.

The things that were you favorite details or activities or ages, will fade in your memory. But photography is able to freeze a moment and transport you in time. While photography is expensive, it may be more costly to you to NOT invest in a photographer understands the essence of a family. What would you give to see your 8 year old do that cute little “WOW!” expression again as you scoop him up in your arms, both of you full of giggles? What would you pay to forever have that 2 year old cuddled into your lap with their head buried into the nook of your neck…something that your 7 year old is literally too big to do now? What about those newborn days, when he had that super soft baby chick fuzz as hair? Don’t even get me started!

Family photos will only increase in value as time passes – I promise. There will be a time in your life when those photos are literally priceless. Book family photos.

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And welcome to The Blog! This is where you'll find my photography musings, tips for sessions, client recaps, and more. Stay a while and take a look!