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Here at Nikki Caviness Photography, I do things differently. I’ve tested out some different types of session offerings. I’ve tweaked my style, updated my pricing, limited the number of sessions I offer., and refined how I run my business. But what has stayed the same is my desire to create beautiful images that my clients love […]

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With spring temperatures finally arriving in our area, I am so excited to finally get to partake in one of my favorite activities….patio dining! Luckily, Fort Worth has so many great patio options, and all with yummy food and fun atmospheres. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite, both kid-friendly and perfect for date nights, […]

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So you’re in need of a newborn or family photographer. And you’ve decided that you love lifestyle photography instead of formal posed portraits. You’ve found me and love my work, but what is it really like to work with me? When I ask my clients what its like working with me, they say “Easy.” And […]

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Today marks my official first year in business. Who would have thought you can run a business (much less START a business) that revolves around people in the middle of a pandemic?? I’ve shot 70 sessions, taken THOUSANDS of photos, spent hundreds of hours editing, and have loved it more than any job I’ve ever […]

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You guys, this year has been insane. What started off with lots of excitement for new things to come, quickly turned to tragedy with the wildfires in Australia and death of Kobe Bryant – so much sadness in such a short amount of time. And in the background, we kept hearing about this “coronavirus” that […]

Oh, 2020. What a year you’ve been. You’ve been full of cancelled trips and staying home and tragedy and “what’s next?” and divisiveness and stress for basically EVERYBODY. As Thanksgiving approaches, I think its important for all of us to take a moment to count our blessings and reflect on things that we are thankful […]

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Welp, today I’m another year older! Does anyone else forget how old they actually are the older they get? When my son asked me the other day how old I was turning, I had to double check with my husband….”Am I going to be 37 or 38?” He confirmed that I’m only going to be […]

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