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The number one thing my in-home newborn and family session clients ask me when they are preparing for their sessions is “What should we wear?!” The past few weeks, I’ve been sharing blog posts where I style an entire family from one store and give you tips on how to choose coordinating looks for your entire family. Make sure you check out my styling posts from Target and H&M for more inspiration!

When you have a photo session in your home, you want to be comfortable. I’ll have you playing with your kids, on the floor, and moving around. Its important that you and your family aren’t held back by what you’re wearing. Comfort is key! I’ve put together a “relaxed at home” look with all pieces from Old Navy. Don’t think that you always have to be dressed up for your session. The goal for your photos is that we want them to be an accurate and genuine reflection of your family – so if you’re typically cozy at home, embrace it! Check out this week’s look below!

Family Lifestyle Photographer |

Women’s sweater | Women’s jeans | Men’s shirt | Men’s jeans | Boy’s sweater | Boy’s pants | Girl’s shirt | Girl’s jeans



  • I always recommend starting with your outfit, Mom! You want to pick something that you feel comfortable in and makes you feel confident. This cozy sweater has an element of fun with the rainbow confetti detail. Fancier than a sweatshirt, perfect for a cozy photo session at home. Pair it with these light-wash, distressed boyfriend jeans for a casual, effortless look.



  • Instead of just a plain t-shirt, try a henley! The buttons add a little bit of detail, and while this one is a soft-wash cotton material, you can also try a waffle knit to add some texture. Pairing this shirt with jeans keeps the look relaxed. I chose a lighter wash which have a more casual feel.



  • This little boy’s sweater has great details that will photograph well! The grey color is not too dark so it won’t suck up all the light. And the thermal material has a unique pattern and texture which makes it anything but boring. Also, look at the cute little pocket! I paired this sweater with tan jeans to add some warmth to the overall family look.



  • How sweet is this pink peplum top! The peplum adds a youthful, girly element and will give a little twirling element perfect for photos. I chose the distressed jeans to dress it down a bit


You may notice that, once again, I did not style the newborn. “Why?”, you ask. Because your newborn baby only needs 3 things:

  1. A diaper
  2. A neutral onesie
  3. A neutral swaddle

And that’s it!


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Lastly, I just want to point out a few things about this overall look for the family.

  1. Notice that they don’t match. I didn’t even pull colors out of other family member’s outfits to coordinate. However, all the colors are subdued or neutral, which will almost always coordinate when putting clothing items together. Nervous about coordinating colors? Neutrals are always a safe bet and will give a simplified, clean look in photos.
  2. There is a mix of patterns. The mom’s sweater has a confetti pattern and the son’s sweater has a slight pattern as well. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns as they give movement to the overall look.
  3. Details are important! The peplum on the daughter’s top – the button’s on dad’s shirt – texture of mom’s sweater – little pocket on the son’s sweater. If these details weren’t there, it would be a boring look!

What do you guys think of this look from Old Navy? Tell me your thoughts or drop your questions in the comments!

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