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The most asked question I get from clients regarding their in-home newborn or family sessions is “What do we wear?!” It comes to me with a panic and uncertainty and is surely the most stressful thing that my clients go through when planning for their session. I know you’re thinking that you want something that reflects you and your personality, isn’t too matchy matchy, is flattering and comfortable. I’ve got you covered!

I’ve gotten SO many requests for this, so here it is! I’ve chosen your most favorite places to shop and I’m putting together this and some upcoming blog posts where I style an entire family for a session. Whether your style is more refined and dressy or more laid-back and casual, I’ve got two looks that can help guide you as you are choosing your clothes for your in-home lifestyle sessions.

First up – Target! Target is a black hole (amiright?) Don’t worry – I won’t make you go into the store because I know from experience that can be expensive! All of the looks I’ve chosen below can be found on their website. Also, I’m including my reasoning behind each selection to help guide you as you pick your own looks that reflect YOUR FAMILY! These looks are examples but the guidelines still apply!



Is your style refined and dressy? Then these first style selections are for you:


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Dress | Men’s Shirt | Men’s Pants | Boy’s Shirt | Boy’s Jeans | Girl’s Dress



  • Dress: I chose this dress for a few reasons. 1. Nursing friendly. If you are nursing, it is convenient to have a look that is nursing accessible. 2. It is white. Neutrals are always a win for your sessions. It won’t clash with the decor in your home and is easy to coordinate with the rest of your family. 3. It is comfortable, yet refined. I personally find dresses like this very comfortable – midi length, v-neck but not too low. And these pictures of your family are ones that you will look back on for years to come, so it doesn’t hurt to dress up a bit!



  • Pants: Khaki colored chinos are a great option because they add some warmth to your overall look.
  • Shirt: I chose light blue because it is a pastel that can easily work as a neutral. You can see that it works well with the navy and pink colors of the childrens’ clothing, and of course with the white dress mom is wearing. Roll the sleeves for a more relaxed look. You will still look refined but after all, you are at home. Roll those sleeves up!



  • Shirt: Since mom and dad are both in solids, I chose a plaid shirt for the son. Navy and white is classic and easily coordinates with a myriad of other colors.
  • Jeans: I selected jeans for the son since dad is already wearing khakis. This will provide some variety. However, I chose a dark wash to keep it a bit dressier than a distressed wash would be.



  • Dress: Just as I put the son in a pattern, I chose a pattern for the daughter. These stripes are classic but the diagonal gives it a bit of interest. Again, the pastel colors coordinate well with the other neutrals and pastels that the rest of the family is wearing. Don’t be afraid of patterns – gingham, stripes, and florals add interest versus everyone all being in a solid color.



Do you prefer to be more comfy, yet still look put-together? Then check out these next style selections:

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Cardigan | Dress | Men’s Sweater | Men’s Jeans | Boy’s Shirt | Boy’s Joggers | Girl’s Dress



  • Dress: This grey t-shirt dress is comfy and flattering. Bonus – its a dress that you can easily wear after pictures so you’ll get more wear out of it. It is neutral and will easily coordinate with the rest of the family.
  • Cardigan: Layering adds visual interest to photos. This neutral colored cardigan adds coziness to the look and has texture that will be really pretty in photographs.



  • Sweater: This light grey sweater is easy to wear as is or over a tee. The buttons give it some simple detail but, overall, the sweater is laid-back without looking messy.
  • Jeans: These jeans have a distressed wash which makes more casual than a dark wash. They are also a slim fit which is flattering and looks more tailored than a relaxed fit.



  • Green striped long-sleeved tee: This shirt is cotton, so it more casual than a button-down, and it has a small striped pattern to add interest.
  • Khaki joggers: The khaki color add some warmth but the jogger style makes them more casual.



  • Dress: This long-sleeved dress has a patchwork floral pattern which makes it more casual than if it was a solid floral pattern.  Again, don’t be afraid of mixing patterns – this floral print coordinates perfectly with the mini stripes in the son’s shirt.


You may have noticed – no matter whether the refined look or the casual look is more your style, the SAME RULES APPLY!

  • Coordinate, don’t match
  • Comfort is key
  • Neutrals and pastels are always winners
  • Khaki pants for dad or son (not both) add warmth
  • Don’t be afraid of patterns. They add interest!


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Something else you may have noticed is that I didn’t style the newborn baby! Throughout this blog series, I won’t be styling the newborn. Why wouldn’t I style the newborn if they are the star of the newborn session?? Because your baby only needs 3 things:

  1. A diaper
  2. A neutral onesie
  3. A neutral swaddle

And that’s it!

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Any questions on styling your family for your in-home lifestyle session? Drop them below and I’ll do my best to answer them! Stay tuned for my next blog post where I style your entire family at H&M!

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