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I know a lot of people wait for fall to get their family photos done. And I get it – its top of mind because ALL the photographers are talking about it. Its what you typically do that time of year. You need to get that photo for Christmas cards. But can I tell you why summer is the best time for a family photo session? Read on….

1. You’re not as busy

Summertime. The kids are out of school. There’s no extracurriculars that you have to rush around to. The office is a little quieter than during other times of the year. You don’t have all the holiday parties and family commitments that seem to fill your calendar during the fall. Don’t stress yourself out by scheduling family photos in the middle of all the fall craziness.

You know who else isn’t as busy during the summer? Your photographer! Fall availability for photographers is usually super limited. Get your family photos taken during the summer so you can get a date that works best for you instead of squeezing into your photographers’ schedule.

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2. You’ve got the summer glow

Even if you aren’t sunbathing by the pool, you’ll likely have a summer glow. You’re more rested and relaxed since you aren’t rushing the kids to school. You are getting out and about so you’re active. You aren’t eating all the heavy cold weather food so you’ll also likely feel your best. All of these things are a recipe for great family photos.

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3. You’re better prepared

One of the best reasons for getting your family photo session done during the summer is that you’ll have your images way ahead of holiday card ordering time! Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the BEST times to order your holiday cards because companies like Minted and Artifact Uprising are having huge sales (two of my favorite companies to order holiday cards from!) If you get your family photos taken during the fall, there is no guarantee that you’ll have them in time to take advantage of the sales. You’re at the mercy of your photographer’s editing queue which I can guarantee is very long!

If you get your photos taken during the summer, you’ll have your photos way before card ordering season. This means you’ll know which photos you want to use ahead of time and can order those cards quickly and at a discount. Win win! You’ll also have more time to prepare for your session! Since we photograph inside the comfort of your own home, I do recommend that my clients take a few steps to prepare (you can read them here.) Not having to work around everyone’s schedules or holiday decor will make things so much easier!

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4. Less chance for a reschedule!

Its no secret that once school starts back up in the fall, your kiddos are being exposed to ALL THE GERMS. The flu, RSV, strep, all the things are getting passed around. Dealing with a child that isn’t feeling well is stressful enough – then having to worry about rescheduling your photos sometime during your photographer’s very booked schedule just adds to that.

Also, fall weather in Texas is commonly cloudy with storms, which increases the likelihood that your session will need to be rescheduled. On the flipside, Texas summers are pretty reliable – hot and sunny! And since we’ll be inside for your session, we’ll get the light from the sunny days in the comfort of your air conditioner.

Summer is the BEST time for a family photo session, and I’m here to help you with that. You can view some more of my family sessions in my portfolio. Reach out so we can talk about how to make your summer family p

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