SMALL BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT – THE FEM METHOD SMALL BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT: Pelvic floor therapy is the key to amazing family photos…..I know what you’re thinking….WHAT?! But I’m super excited to share with you my next Small Business Spotlight and friend Dr. Nikki Berner, owner of The Fem Method. She’s going to tell you WHY pelvic floor […]

branding photo of Kate Jennings with The Bug and Bee Fort Worth

SMALL BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT – THE BUG AND BEE Want to know how to prepare your child for family photos? Luckily, in my second Small Business Spotlight, I want to introduce you to someone that can help. Kate Jennings of The Bug and Bee is a Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor and child and teen therapist. I’ve had […]

Being a newborn and family photographer in Fort Worth comes with having the confidence to try new things – new poses, new lighting, new ideas. But sometimes those ideas don’t just come to you. I am sharing some places where I find inspiration for photos, and some of them may surprise you! Inspiration in Editorial […]

what to wear for your fall mini session

Small Business Spotlight – Kirk and Vess One of the best parts of being a newborn and family photographer in Fort Worth is the incredible women that I get to meet. Over the years, I’ve learned that my clients are not only inspirational moms and truly kind people, but many of them are driven and […]

The arrival of your newborn is a huge moment in your family’s life. Those first few weeks are a time of adjustment, bonding, and sleepless nights. Many parents feel rushed to schedule newborn photography sessions within the first two weeks of their baby’s life because that’s when many photographers say they need to happen. I […]

fort worth fall mini sessions at home

Fall mini sessions – we are getting to that time of year where that’s all photographers are talking about. This year, I am offering up a few different types….but how will you choose? I’m helping you decide which mini session is right for you! You might want a studio mini session if…. You’re so busy […]

milestone photographer in fort worth dallas

Once our newborn turns into an infant, they start hitting countless milestones. Rolling over, laughing and smiling, sitting up, and crawling are just a few of the ones we look for. What better way to remember these milestones than with a milestone photography session. I’m going to share with you what Milestone Photography is and […]

family playing with hats while the sun lights up the kitchen

I know a lot of people wait for fall to get their family photos done. And I get it – its top of mind because ALL the photographers are talking about it. Its what you typically do that time of year. You need to get that photo for Christmas cards. But can I tell you […]

Mom wears a sequin dress for her family photos. Dad hugs her from behind near a window.

One of the most common questions clients wonder about is what to wear for your photo session. The most common trend in photography right now is that neutral prairie dresses are in. But, what if you want something different? What if that doesn’t FEEL like you? I have some other great options for you to […]

Family of 5 enjoying each other in their home.

In this post, I’ve compiled a list of FAQs about your photography session that you may find helpful. For every client, I set up a phone call to go through my process and pricing. I find that this helps answer any questions my clients have upfront without having to go back and forth over email. […]

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